Kolaramma Temple

Kolaramma Temple

The temple is built in Dravida Vimana Style and dates back to the Ganga period. The temple has several Chola renovations and additions were made by them in the 11th century, followed by Vijayanagara rule in the 15th century. The Cholas made several inscriptions in the temple, the earliest inscription belongs to the period of Rajendra Chola–I from 1012-1045 A.D.

The presiding deity is Kolaramma, a name given to the eight armed Goddess Durga. The deity is Mahishasuramardini; but people here call her by the name of Kolaramma. Devotees throng the place for special pooja on Tuesdays and Fridays. The idol of the goddess is placed on the side of the sanctum sanctorum since the goddess is considered very fearsome and the devotees are proteThe Scorpion Goddess Chelamma is also worshipped here. It is believed that by offering prayers to Chelamma, they will be guarded by Scorpion bites. The most interesting part about this temple is the presence of the Kolaramma Hundi (which accepts coins from devotees). Right next to the Chelamma is a small opening in the floor that acts as a Hundi. The Hundi is believed to be a huge well dug into the earth. On an extremely quiet day you might actually hear the clicking sound of the coin falling into the well, which has been accumulating millions and millions of coins over hundreds of years. We however, could hear only a faint sound a split second after we dropped it. cted from her direct gaze by worshipping her looking at a mirror placed opposite her idol.

At the centre of sanctum sanctorum is the Saptamatrikas, the seven mothers who are rarely placed in such a key position. Kolaramma is also worshipped as the Goddess of scorpions. A big scorpion is carved on the wall of the sacred temple. There is a small pit near a shrine in the temple which is guarded by image of Kolaramma and is said to house scorpions. During the month of Vaishaka (April and May) on the fifth day of the fortnight, a scorpion crawls out of the pit to sit near the deity. On this day devotees offer Kolaramma little scorpions to impress the Goddess.

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